Gender equity in medicine

Designed to have an open discussion around the challenges facing gender equity in female and male professionals. There is much debate about the disparity between genders within the workplace and […]

John Snow Scholarship

The Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine (AFPHM) John Snow Scholarship aims to increase awareness among medical students and help them identify public health medicine as a medical specialty or […]

Practical tips for preparing for exams

Preparing for the RACP Divisional Written and Clinical Exams can be a challenging time in training. This session helps trainees (and supervisors supporting trainees) apply practical tips in preparing for […]

First Nations Health

This session highlights just some of the pressing health issues that Australia‚Äôs Indigenous communities are facing.   Through awareness and education, we can all take steps to help improve these […]

Paediatric immune and inflammatory disorders

This webinar is dedicated to exciting and innovative clinical updates in paediatrics and covers topics including an update in food allergy, autoinflammatory disorders, and an update on kawasaki disease and […]