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Fringe Experience

15 August 2019

We’re looking for talented members to lead extra-curricular experiences for delegates at RACP Congress 2020 in Melbourne.

Do you have a special interest outside of medicine you would like to share? Perhaps you are a talented photographer, a meditation guru, singer, author or a Melbourne enthusiast. Volunteer to lead a session at the RACP Congress Fringe Experience.

Launched in 2019, the Fringe Experience is an opportunity for our members to display their diverse gifts in the arts, including theatre, dance, music, readings, performance art, painting, sculpting and photography.

We are looking for people to take the lead on a range of activities. There is no limit, tell us what you can do. Some suggestions could be:

If you are:

  • a local who knows the lane ways of Melbourne or a history buff with a few tales to tell
  • in the know about the best places to get coffee or that secret restaurant
  • a keen photographer with an eye for the best locations

…then volunteer to lead a guided morning walking excursion.

Why not:

  • share your yoga or pilates skills
  • put delegates through their paces at a bootcamp
  • lead the group through the streets or parks of Melbourne on an early morning run

…volunteer to run one of our health and wellbeing sessions.

If art and music are your thing:

  • lead a band or conduct a choir
  • choreograph a dance piece
  • run a water-colour class

…the sky’s the limit. Tell us what you would like to do and we will try to make it happen.

You can submit for more than one interest at any time before or after the Congress program. Schedule times include early mornings, late afternoons or during break times. We will try our best to accommodate requested times where possible but cannot guarantee your preference.

As a volunteer, you’re responsible for:

  • acquiring any necessary rights or permissions for your participation
  • providing equipment, costumes, props and cues for your chosen activity
  • transportation and display of any materials and equipment



To apply, email a brief proposal of your Fringe Experience showcase, including your preferred days and times, and any supporting materials to

Terms and conditions

The RACP is unable to give assistance towards any transportation, Congress registration, accommodation and travel expenses of a Fringe Experience volunteer.

The RACP is not liable for any damage or loss of property incurred during Congress.

We advise volunteers to be responsible for the appropriate supervision of their property during use or display as part of their Fringe Experience activities.

For any enquirers about the Fringe Experience at RACP Congress 2020, email